Solder Station

I’ve been having a lot of difficulty finding a surface to do my soldering trickery in this tiny apartment. I’ve been using the stove to do the majority of the work because I can use the hood as a fume extractor and the light works well. On the other hand, the surface is complete shit and all the tiny components drop straight down into the nethers of my stove. I needed something that would allow a work surface, solder holder, 3(6th, 9th) hand and some other functions that I need for specific nerdy reasons (style, cleanliness, tweezer holders, etc). So behold, my solder station:


With some simple parts I made custom, durable feet to hold this thing in place.


The spacing allows for tool storage when I’m not using it and grips the copper alligator clip holder do-hickeys with magiks.

I also made a set of smaller peg boards incase I need a desk sized version.

Ideas for next revision: new alligator arm design, rubber mat (with holes?), posable micro snake lights, micro vise, lasers.



I’m re purposing my blog to fit my project log needs. All the old post are gone, I’ll probably add color too. White is soooo not energy efficient.